Dreams in a FLASH

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What is your idea and how will it increase Millennial civic engagement in your community?:

Dreams in A FLASH is a contest where high school youth are to learn and investigate one African American inventor, philosopher, activists, and/or business/social entrepreneur. Based on their research, students are to create an all inclusive socially conscious business venture, product, or social campaign/initiative giving a formally written business plan, displaying the innovation of their historic re-invention.

Groups are expected to explain in depth what their venture is, their plans of implementation, the historical information & connection to the present day, the present & future impact of their venture, and what community interaction & participation will take place as a result of the business.

How would your idea be implemented?:

Stage 1: Groups (2-5 people) enter business plans where entrepreneurs & educators vote for their top 20 ventures.

Stage 2: Top 20 elected groups create 5 minute (max) video pitch, uploaded to the web where the public will view & vote on the their favorites. Videos must include what the venture is, plans of implementation, historical information & connection, & present/future impact. 8 finalists will move to final stage.

Stage 3: Top 8 ventures participate in a Live business presentation/elimination expo where a winner is chosen. Winners will receive funding, mentors, recognition, and more to actually start & complete these ventures.

Where does your project take place?:

Philadelphia, PA

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"Dreams in a FLASH" presents an excellent opportunity for young people to learn, create, share and earn. As the participants in this venture begin to study the immeasurable contributions of African Americans throughout history, they will quickly learn how these often unrecognized men and women have influenced our daily lives. I look forward to seeing how the creativity of the past can stir the youthful imaginations of the present to the benefit of our communities.

by scottie.scott
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Tuesday, May 15

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Wednesday, June 13
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Wednesday, June 13

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Friday, June 29
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Friday, July 06

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